Assembly Instructions :

  • FIRST AT ALL please check that the product is not damaged or defective and free of flammable and explosive materials .
  • Unbox the product at a clean surface, remove all plastic and organize all accessories in the box . Set the surface pad in the flat surface where you want to put you fire pit( MAKE SURE THAT THE SURFACE IS FLAT)
  • ADD ALCOHOL OR  pour in the recommended amount of bioethanol fuel or 70%-95% isop ro yl alcohol, do not fill the entire cup with fuel. ( NEVER USE GASOLINE OR OTHER FLAMMABLE LIQUID AS SPIRITS OR PETROLEUM ) 
  • LIGHT IT UP  wE Recommend Long handle point gun lighter or long stick or match , please be careful and keep distance  


  • Keep the extinguishing lid near the fire pit.
  • We recommend letting the can burn down completely until it is extinct. Otherwise, place the lid on the burner and wait for the flame to go out completely.
  •  For extinguishing the flame, only use the lid supplied.Cover the lid at the small flap flame 


 Recommend Fuel To Use :

-YOU MUST USE bioethanol fuel or 70%-95% isopropyl alcohol , please do not use other fuel such as spirits or petroleum , etc .

- ORGU does not provide fuel and is not  responsible to provide it , should buy it separate from it .


Fire can be dangerous and destructive. Read and follow all safety messages and instructions prior to using personal fireplace. Improper use of the personal fireplace can cause a fire outside of the fireplace, which could lead to death or serious injury.